Saturday, June 7, 2014

VOLTRON: Episode #8 The Stolen Lion

Now I have given Voltron some pretty rough treatment when it comes to the plot lines. Looking at this series with an adult set of eyes really gives it a different perspective. However in this episode, my hopes were raised, of some more interesting stories coming my way. 

As the episode begins, we see our brave, Princess Alura, doing piloting exercises with the boys. But she is still far and away from mastering the Blue Lion. She, once again, loses control of the robot and plummets to the ground. But then a strange ship arrives to rescue her. We are then introduced to the dashing Prince Boca, who offers to help the Princess in her fight against Zarcon. Oh, come on, you know in the first five minutes, this guy is evil. Blue in this show represents evil. Zarcon is blue, Haggar's evil cat, and this guys hair. I see the pattern forming now. I'll definitely be on the look out for this in later episodes. I will construct a thesis on why blue is devil's color. Oh, crap, I'm rambling again.

Lance right off the bat, doesn't like this guy and proceeds to try and kick his ass. It was at that moment that Lance became one of my favorite characters along side Keith and Pidge. Lance represents the hot-headed Tom Cruise Maverick types in these shows. I guess there is some character in actual characters after all. I just remembered when I watched this when I was a kid, Keith's presence. I think that had a lot to do with his voice actor. And so the Princess invites Prince Boca, to stay at the Royal Palace. We see she is totally smitten by the handsome prince. Now I see the secret to getting hot women, blue hair!!! And just like in real life women love the bad boys. Let's just say the sleepover doesn't go very well that night. But I'll leave you to watch the episode if you haven't seen it before.

So, we see a much better, if still predictable plot laid before us here. And, what it does for us is making the Voltron fighting scene in the end much more important. We really want to see this monster get what's coming to him. I was very surprised and hope the later episodes keep getting better. Until next time. 

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