Friday, June 13, 2014

Ghidorah, the Three-Headed Monster (1964)

This was the best old school Godzilla movie I've had the pleasure of seeing yet.  I really can't get enough of seeing giant rubber monsters beating the holy hell out of each other.  And we get to see a lot of them in this installment of the series.  I even learn of the exisitence of another Japenese monster I never have even heard of before.  So, I walked away from this little monster romp feeling strangley satisfied. 

We start this one off with a what looks like a bunch of scientists if Japan trying to contact aliens to help them...well I'm not quite sure.   But instead of flying saucers we get to see metorites crashing into the ground.  Now of course you KNOW, they have just got to send an expedition to go study the thing.  Because, we must continue advancement in SCIENCE!  We must know the secrets of the universe......Ah, come on guys, WALK AWAY!!  Just go find a nuclear weapon and land it on the damn thing!  Don't try to study it,  it's not going to end well. 

Sure enough before long monsters start showing up all over the place since I guess they are just attracted to trouble.  First we see Godzilla rise from the sea after getting his ass kicked by Mothra.  And he is really cranky and looking for something to stomp on.  Then later on in another side of Japan we see the resurrection of Rodan??  Wait a minute, who the hell is Rodan??  He's a pertodactyl, mutant bird like thing I guess if I was trying to describe him.  This is my first experience with him so I was kind of taken aback as I really have never heard of him.  I feel at a disadvantage here.  Hold on while I go do some quick research.

I went here of course and took a crash course:

So, meanwhile we get a human sub plot about a Princess from a far off country who just so happens to be a relative of the planet Mars.  Well, the one thing more dangerous than a giant rubber monster is of course, politics.  So a plot is hatched to assassinate her, by blowing up the plane that she is flying to Japan.  Somehow she manages to survive and all of the sudden turns into a rubber monster prophet.  She travels around Japan, telling the people (who should be use to this kind of problem by now) about the return of an evil that destroyed Planet Mars. 

And that evil my friend is the three headed dragon known as Ghidorah.  You know I laughed so hard when I first seen this guy.  He looks like all three of his heads is head banging to heavy metal music.  We also get to see the return of the Mothra and his sidekicks, the twin fairies.  Hey, anybody else kind of get hypnotized when the fairies start singing Mothra's theme song.  Of course, I'm hypnotized by shiny objects as well. 

This had a lot of humorous moments in it, like when Godzilla, Mothra, and Rodan have a conference.  It seems the fairies can translate monster language.  The monster battles. as always. are excellently choreographed.  I even enjoyed the human subplot this time, but it is still second running to the monster battles.

One thing is for sure, this so far in my blog is one of the best Godzilla movies I've watched yet.  Aside from maybe the first Godzilla, this is required viewing for anybody wanting to see how the franchise started.  So what I will take from this movie is how it introduced to me a new character in Rodan.  And who says movies can't teach us anything?  Until next time.

And for more information visit:,_the_Three-Headed_Monster

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