Saturday, June 7, 2014

DOCTOR WHO: Season #2 The Chase

I can now see where the Dalek race gets their intense hatred for the Doctor.  Here we see that after the events of the Dalek Invasion of the Earth, that the Daleks have decided to build their own time machine.  Their mission this time not one of conquest, but of revenge. They have vowed to hunt the Doctor down across time itself.

We have a storyline lasting five episodes that concern with a battalion of time traveling Daleks chasing the Doctor across time and space.  You really start feeling how menacing and cruel the Daleks are after watching this episode.  We can see how the Dalek character has really evolved from the earlier episodes into the Daleks we know today.  

This episode also serves as the farewell to Ian and Barbara as the Doctor's very first companions.  It's kind of a short sendoff for them and thought they deserved a lot better.  But still you can see the sadness in the Doctor as we see the pattern of him losing the people closest to him.  So for what it's worth, I too will miss them.  Ian's incredible heroism and bravery impressed me through out the series.  One the other end I will miss Barbara's fierce determination and her kindness. 

Oh, and before I forget the comedic part of the episode.  Watch as they have a Doctor Who double running around who is suppose to be  a robot doppleganger. This has to be the worst double in science fiction history.  I mean he looks nothing like the Doctor.  He's like way too tall.  What happened they ran out of money and all they could afford was tall people?  I don't get it.  How this get past the guys making this show?  Sorry, rambling............

I really hope you guys get a chance to watch these earlier episodes of the Doctor.  It really does have some of the same core values as the newer 2000's version.  That look in his eyes when somebody leaves him is the same look I see on several of the other Doctor persona's.  And so the Doctor and Vicki go on from here alone.....or are they?  Until next time.

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