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CLASSIC DOCTOR WHO: Season #2 The Space Museum

Time travel is kind of a hard thing to explain.  The first Doctor calls it traveling in the Fourth Dimension.  The mechanics about why this works is very vague at best.  I'll even go as far as saying, even the Doctor, doesn't really know what's going on.  It's like he must not have paid attention to how time travel works in school.  But I now see a point I never thought of before.  The Doctor has gained all his knowledge just by exploring the cosmos.  I can relate to that very well.  I never went to college and everything I have learned has been by hands on training.  I'm willing to learn and grow as a person.  And I think that's what were seeing as we watch the Doctor bumbling around in his Ship.

And so our heroes land on a planet that seems to be a museum of old space artifacts.  But something has gone wrong once more with the TARDIS.  It is explained in the episode they are on a different track (like 8 track?) in time, so they are in fact looking ahead in time.  This little glitch shows the Doctor a grisly fate that awaits the four of them.  So when they finally shift back over to the present, they must figure out a way to change their history.

Seems like an awesome setup at first, but then turns into a typical episode.  The people who run the museum are called Moroks and they have basically taken over the planet just to make it a tourist attraction.  And the original inhabitants are trying to win back their world as the young people have been made slaves.  Your basic underground rebel unit trying to usurp the evil Empire (cue Empire music!!)  So surprise, surprise, it's up to our heroes to save the day and there own bacon.

Space Museum.jpgI was hoping for a more original episode that was going to deal with the concepts of time travel.  I was curious how people perceived how it works back in the 60's.  But sadly the whole setup of "We need to change history so we don't die.) kind of just solves itself. 

We get to see Vicki finally doing something, as she helps the rebellion break into an armory.  We see she is very intelligent, as she is a teenager from a futuristic Earth.  Ian kicks ass, and Barbara just almost keeps getting captured.  And the Doctor hides in the armor of a Dalek.  Funny stuff.

Overall I give this episode a fair grade.  But as I'm always telling you guys, don't take my word for it.  Go watch the older series and tell me what you think in the comments.  Until next time.

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