Saturday, May 31, 2014

VOLTRON: Episode #7 The Lion Has New Claws

As I've stated before in earlier episodes, the dialog in Voltron was really written for kids in mind.  However, if you look deep and try to find it there is a story being told here. And a very good one.  This was actually a big leap forward compared to the silly Saturday morning cartoon story.  That's one reason why I love anime in general.  The very deep and involving story lines they present.  And I will always give credit to this series for getting me started in that genre.

It's a dark, foggy night at Castle Aries as the alarms sound through the night.  As Keith, Lance, and Pidge arrive at the castle control room, they discover that someone has taken the Blue Lion of  Voltron out of his lair.  The thief is none other than the Princess, who feels like she has to take Sven's place now that he's out of action.  Well her little test run doesn't go exactly as planned and the Lion is out of control.  So now the Voltron force has to stop the runaway Lion. 

Once more on Planet Doom, the evil King Zarkon and his witch Haggar send forth another monster to capitalize on  the fact there is only four pilots left.  You got give the bad guys credit, they are always moving ahead, no matter how many times they get defeated. 

My favorite part of this episode is the inclusion of Nanny, the well.....nanny for the princess when she was younger.  She's gruff, overprotective, and completely hilarious.  She literally pulls a spear out on the Space Explorers when she learn the Princess is trapped in the Lion.  She even puts the Princess over her knee and spanks her.  Once again characters and stories in this anime is what you make of it my friends.  But don't take my word for it.  Watch and let me know what you think.  Until next time.

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