Saturday, May 31, 2014

VOLTRON: Episode #6 The Right Arm of Voltron

You know, its sad that back in the day, censorship really impacted how stories were told.  Could you imagine the impact Voltron would have had if certain things had been left in.  Take for instance Sven.  In this episode we find him in a life or death battle with the evil witch Haggar.  This brings about the character leaving the show but the emotional impact doesn't seem to be there in the American version.  It is just told that he's recovering off world in a hospital for (almost) the rest of the series, but in the Japanese version he is killed.  I know, this was suppose to be a show for kids but it would be awesome if we could get a director's cut of some of these episodes.  It's not the violence I'm after, it's just I like a little more adult themes in my animation I think.  But, hell when you was watching this as a kid, I guess all you wanted to see was Voltron kicking some RoBeast ass, so maybe that rant was totally pointless.

And so the episode begins with the newly risen Castle Aries, being attacked by Doom's robot forces once again. But now the Princess has some help as some of her people has come out of hiding. Seeing Voltron return has kindled a small sense of hope in the people.  Meanwhile, the witch Haggar sets in motion an evil plan to take out one of the Space Explorers to stop them from forming Voltron's robot form.  While hope has been restored, the war between Aries and Planet Doom is far from over.

And so we are left with a cliffhanger that blows a little kid from the 80's mind.  How will they ever use Voltron now?  Here's a hint, watch the ending credits.  Yes, I'm being a smart ass.  I liked this episode because it's like the early days of a plot twist in a kid's show.  There is a story in this show that adults can enjoy, you just have to look for it.  Watch the episode and tell me what YOU think about it.

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