Sunday, May 18, 2014

The Island of Dr. Moreau (1977)

As time goes on, medicine and technology are becoming more and more advanced.  Think of all the advancements we've made in disease research, extending our lifespan, and our overall health.  But sometimes those advances can be controversial like stem cell research and cloning.  But we can take some advice from old science fiction movies, about what not to do.  How far is man willing to go to become like god.  This movie asked "What if we could change the course of evolution?"

On an island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, the mysterious Dr. Moreau plans to answer that question.  The movie begins with survivors from a shipwreck, trying to find their way to land.  Two men manage to make it to the green island, which comes like an oasis.  The hero of our story Andrew Braddock (Micheal York), goes to search for water on the island while his partner rests.  But it soon becomes apparent they are not alone on the island.  Soon, Braddock is captured by the genetic scientist Dr. Moreau (Burt Lancaster.) After that this movie starts becoming very disturbing really quick.  

The story is very well written but very slow in places.  As serious and scary as the theme of the movie is, I feel like they really didn't go into the ethics and morals of what was going on.  Hell, the only ones really with any speaking parts is Braddock and Moreau.  But both of their acting was very well done with what they had to go with. Sometimes when you base a movie on a book you can sometimes lose some narrative in the translation.  
Music was okay, but not very memorable.  Filming was very well done, especially the chaos during the final moments of the film.  The whole movie seemed claustrophobic, only things happening were either in the compound or in the woods.  

While I enjoyed the theme of science run amok in the movie, I was not very impressed overall with it.  If you your looking to see a older science fiction movie I would probably recommend something else.


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