Friday, May 9, 2014

The Beginning

Welcome to a dimension beyond any that you have dreamed.  My name is Doctor Ryan and you and me have a journey to embark upon.  Yes I have seen many things and there is still more to experience.  Hopefully we will share these memories together as we travel down the dark road that is fantasy and myth.
Forever has the bards sang of a different time.  A time long forgotten or a time that is yet to come.  I shall go forward into these places and I shall record of what I shall find.  For every discovery, for every moment,  I shall know of the great beyond that lies beyond imagination.
Yes, this is the story about stories.  Let us begin.
Hello my name is Ryan and I'm a 36 year old warehouse worker living in Dayton, OH.  Oh yes and I'm a nerd.  A dork, a geek, a social outcast.   But one thing I do know is a good story.  I love the movies that inspired heroes and monsters.  I love the games of my youth that taught me of good and evil.  Pop culture really shaped the person I am today and without these stories that I have cherished over the years I don't know where I would be. 
I started this blog to record my thoughts and experiences on some of the best movies, television, and games of my generation.  (Generation X baby!!!)   Some of these reviews will be new experiences for me as well.  I am very nostalgic person and it's taken a great deal of.....effort, to watch the condition of pop culture today.  (Seen the new Robocop movie yet???)
So if you are reading this I hope these will bring back some memories of warriors gone, of stories lost, and of heroes born.  In the days, weeks, and months to come,  I will be watching and reviewing a lot of stuff so this will definitely be a experience to remember.  So set back and relax and lets go back to when things were.........magical.

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