Sunday, May 11, 2014

STAR WARS:Episode IV:A New Hope (1977)

The original trailer from 1977.
I was born one year after this movie came out, so I have never seen it in a theatre.  As enthralled as I was seeing this movie on VCR hooked into an old picture tube television, I can just imagine how I would feel seeing it on the big screen.  I just watched this again on a high definition screen and just wow!  What is it about this movie?  Nobody has been able to duplicate this movie.  Thousands of sci-fi movies out and not one even touches what this movie brought.  It had an incredible sense of adventure.  You actually cared what was going on with these characters.  You somehow connected with the story they were telling.  I will never get over the feeling I get when I watch this movie.  It gives me chill bumps especially the finale.  Not a lot of movies I watch more than once give me that thrill.  And I think that's a reaction I will always have with this movie forever. 
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