Saturday, May 31, 2014


When you talk about the rubber monsters of Japan, Mothra was the only one besides Godzilla I have ever heard of.  I remember seeing the original Mothra movie on TV years ago.  Of course,  the only things I remember about that movie was Mothra coming out of his cocoon and the two teeny tiny girls singing.  So when I seen that the next Godzilla movie on my list was Mothra vs Godzilla, I was really hoping for a really bang up battle royal.  Well you get that but not until almost the end of the movie.

The story starts out with some fisherman discovering a giant egg just floating into the ocean.  It seems that a recent hurricane knocked the egg out of the nest of the monster called Mothra.  A giant moth that like Godzilla, was born from all of the nuclear testing of the Japanese.  It doesn't take long before a businessman with way to much money and time on his hands, decide to turn the egg into giant tourist attraction.  Also during some construction work out on the coast, once again they accidentally release a very cranky Godzilla onto Japan once again.  And so once again Godzilla starts his rampage. 

Well, the biggest problem with this movie, is that it starts out so slow.  The beginning is mostly talking about the giant egg.  We are introduced to a reporter, a photographer, and a scientist.  These three end up basically recruiting Mothra to come kick Godzilla's ass.  As with most of the Godzilla movies I have seen so far, the best parts are at he end, when the monsters actually start fighting each other.  Maybe the biggest reason I didn't like the beginning is because of the bad english dub as well.  But even then that beginning was so just so blah.  But if you can hang in there until the end you shall be rewarded with some alright action.  Until next time.

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