Tuesday, May 27, 2014

CLASSIC DOCTOR WHO:Season 2--The Web Planet

 Really giant bugs, GROOVY!

Well, folks it's been a little while since I did a Doctor Who article. So I'm continuing where I left off, with the Season 2 serial The Web Planet.  Just after finally taking off from ancient Rome, the TARDIS is trapped in a invisible force that pulls them down onto a planet known as Vortis.  And once again our team of adventurers split up, as The Doctor and Ian go out to investigate how they have been trapped here.  This leaves the girls all by themselves, seemingly safe in the TARDIS.  But the powerful force that has stranded the TARDIS has other planes for all of them.  Gee, let me count the ways, Barbara is hypnotized by the force through her gold bracelet and led out of the TARDIS, then it using some invisible force starts dragging the TARDIS to its lair,  leaving the Doctor and Ian to try and track it down.  I just love how these guys just can't stick together!  Very soon however help comes in the form of  Menoptra, the moth like creatures who seek to reclaim their lost planet from the evil force know as the Animus. 

I don't know, I just love the costumes in this episode.  You've got to love those bug guns crawling around.  You can almost see the poor actor underneath the suit crawling. Also, the ant creatures called Zarbi are really hilarious. An ant with human legs, really!? 

But aside from that, we get to see the Doctor do what he does best and that's to outsmart his enemy.  The parts where the Doctor is talking to the Animus are some of my favorite scenes. Anytime there is a battle with words, The Doctor just seems to come out on top.  I also enjoyed the climax which was very exciting.  However, maybe it was because of the costumes, I was kind of bored with the rest of the episode.  I mean sometimes it just seems like the same setup every episode.  Something goes wrong with the TARDIS, they get spit up, and then at the end somehow all get back together. 

I still recommend this for some classic retro viewing, if you're curious about the history of Doctor Who, like I am.  If you've seen this the episode tell me what you think in the comments!  Until next time.................

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