Wednesday, May 14, 2014

CLASSIC DOCTOR WHO:Season 1--The Sensorites

I'm actually amazed at how good the stories are this early in the series and how much it feels like even the new Doctor Who serials.  Maybe its the writing.  But also the performances by all the actors is very well done even though I've read they didn't get along.

The Sensorites was another story I had to see how it ended.  The Doctor and his companions land on a ship orbiting around a planet.  About 10 seconds later they are once again fucked on getting back into the TARDIS.  Jesus how many times is this going to fucking happen to them.  When someone wants to start screwing with the Doctor it must be in the manual stating RULE #1--Block Doctor from TARDIS--RULE #2--Kidnap companions and or self  RULE #3--Escape from said kidnapping and  repeat RULE #2. 

Sorry got sidetracked.  This is what I like to call early political alien intrigue,  where you got the goods guys in government who want to help their people and those who are just out for power.  So that's where Star Trek gets it from.

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