Saturday, May 17, 2014

CLASSIC DOCTOR WHO:Season 1--The Reign of Terror

Well here we are finally at the end of season 1 of William Hartnell's Doctor.  I have really enjoyed these old episodes more than I thought that I would.  Yes the sets are cheesy and so are the effects.  But it still has that Doctor Who magic.  I wish I could put my finger on it, what makes this so great for me and millions of other fans. 

Anyway this episode is set in Paris, France during the French Revolution.  One thing I noticed is they do a lot of episodes on historical places and facts on Earth.  Very rarely do they get off world.  I will remember this episode for the Doctor's costume for this episode.  He parades around as a official in this hilarious getup for most of the serial.  That and the jailer guy was also pretty funny kissing ass wherever applicable.

One special note is on the DVD they did animated episodes to replace the ones that were missing.  This was a genius idea and very cool.  Check out this video:

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