Sunday, May 11, 2014

CLASSIC DOCTOR WHO:Season 1--The Daleks and The Edge of Destruction

The first appearance of the most evil race in the universe.
The Daleks always came across to me like rolling Terminator tanks of death.  In the Tom Baker episodes they were cold, racist, and pure evil.  Even in this first appearance you feel the hate coming off these guys.  Only in this earlier incarnation they are very cold and calculating about there plans. 
So The Doctor and his grand daughter now have some new friends in Ian and Barbara.  But you can tell the Doctor still doesn't trust or like them very much.  Man, that's the biggest difference with this Doctor is how mean he is.  Its like at first he doesn't really care if the school teachers would just wonder off and die somewhere.  That would mean he wouldn't have to deal with them. 
Anyway after escaping prehistoric earth they land on a another planet that has been destroyed by nuclear war.  After finding a abandoned city they soon find survivors.  And they are not very friendly.  But others watch from the shadows as well.  Are they friend or foe.  Will Ian and Barbara ever escape to see earth again. 
Maybe it's just my inner geek but I found this serial exciting as well.  It is very tense and well paced.  Good acting all around especially the Thalls.  Some people can't watch black and white shows but if they focused more on the story that the writers were trying to tell instead of just the visual part of it.  Even though the sets are cheesy, you still get nervous when are heroes are stuck in a cave jumping over chasms.  That's the impact of a good story.
So go find this on dvd, Netflix, Hulu, or whatever else you can think of and watch it!!!
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The next episode is called The Edge of Destruction and its basically a story about how the TARDIS malfunctions and the crew work desperately work to repair the problem before they explode.  Short, sweet and too the point on that one.

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