Saturday, May 31, 2014

CLASSIC DOCTOR WHO: Season #2 The Crusade

We now return to a history lesson, about Richard The Lionheart and the Crusades.  That's whats kind of cool about this old series.  I've so far learned about Marco Polo, Aztec culture, and even the French Revolution.  Sadly, I have forgotten a lot about my world history so it's kind of cool a television show can give you a memory jog.

The TARDIS lands in Paelestine during the third Crusade.  Barbara, who has been getting the worst about getting captured lately, is once again kidnapped.  As The Doctor, Ian, and Vicki scramble to find out were she's at they come across a solider belonging to the army of King Richard of England.  They are promptly taken to the King where they plead with him for help in finding their friend. And so the search for Barbara begins.

It is important to note two episodes of this serial is missing, but they have been reconstructed.  It is constructed just like the Marco Polo series from Season #1, using still images with subtitles describing the action, along with original soundtrack. 

I really like the supporting actors in this one as they do a very good job.  Of note is guest stars Julian Glover (King Richard), and Bernard Kay(Saladin).  They play their characters with passion and emotion.  Giving a lot of credibility to the storyline about two powerful leaders on different sides of a religious war.  Barbara is given a lot of screen time and once again gives a very good performance.  Ian is knighted in the course of events, but isn't really given much to do with it.  The Doctor and Vicki as well really don't have much to do.  It's basically like the major characters had really minor parts.

But I still enjoyed the story for showing me a little bit about the Crusades and what they were about.  That's the miracle of Doctor Who my friends.  It takes you on a journey to another place, just like your there along side the Doctor and his companions.  Something this show stills does for me today.  Until next time.

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