Monday, May 12, 2014

Abobo's Big Adventure Video Playthrough Part 1

The ultimate NES retro video-game!
To the people who programmed this game my hat is off to you.  I was blown away buy this when I first played it because of how many NES characters they managed to stuff in here.  This is a story about ABOBO, the badass thug from Double Dragon.  He rips a trail of destruction through the best classics from the NES era of gaming.  I decided to try and ummmm help tell his story.  You'll see when you watch the video. 
This is my first gaming video and I'm really excited about it.  Doing this blog and trying to better my writing has really been helping with my self-esteem and confidence in myself.  Hopefully anybody that watches this video will at least entertain somebody out there.  And if I can make just 1 person smile, so much the better.
To play this awesome game free go here:
And of course for more information:

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