Friday, June 13, 2014

Ghidorah, the Three-Headed Monster (1964)

This was the best old school Godzilla movie I've had the pleasure of seeing yet.  I really can't get enough of seeing giant rubber monsters beating the holy hell out of each other.  And we get to see a lot of them in this installment of the series.  I even learn of the exisitence of another Japenese monster I never have even heard of before.  So, I walked away from this little monster romp feeling strangley satisfied. 

We start this one off with a what looks like a bunch of scientists if Japan trying to contact aliens to help them...well I'm not quite sure.   But instead of flying saucers we get to see metorites crashing into the ground.  Now of course you KNOW, they have just got to send an expedition to go study the thing.  Because, we must continue advancement in SCIENCE!  We must know the secrets of the universe......Ah, come on guys, WALK AWAY!!  Just go find a nuclear weapon and land it on the damn thing!  Don't try to study it,  it's not going to end well. 

Sure enough before long monsters start showing up all over the place since I guess they are just attracted to trouble.  First we see Godzilla rise from the sea after getting his ass kicked by Mothra.  And he is really cranky and looking for something to stomp on.  Then later on in another side of Japan we see the resurrection of Rodan??  Wait a minute, who the hell is Rodan??  He's a pertodactyl, mutant bird like thing I guess if I was trying to describe him.  This is my first experience with him so I was kind of taken aback as I really have never heard of him.  I feel at a disadvantage here.  Hold on while I go do some quick research.

I went here of course and took a crash course:

So, meanwhile we get a human sub plot about a Princess from a far off country who just so happens to be a relative of the planet Mars.  Well, the one thing more dangerous than a giant rubber monster is of course, politics.  So a plot is hatched to assassinate her, by blowing up the plane that she is flying to Japan.  Somehow she manages to survive and all of the sudden turns into a rubber monster prophet.  She travels around Japan, telling the people (who should be use to this kind of problem by now) about the return of an evil that destroyed Planet Mars. 

And that evil my friend is the three headed dragon known as Ghidorah.  You know I laughed so hard when I first seen this guy.  He looks like all three of his heads is head banging to heavy metal music.  We also get to see the return of the Mothra and his sidekicks, the twin fairies.  Hey, anybody else kind of get hypnotized when the fairies start singing Mothra's theme song.  Of course, I'm hypnotized by shiny objects as well. 

This had a lot of humorous moments in it, like when Godzilla, Mothra, and Rodan have a conference.  It seems the fairies can translate monster language.  The monster battles. as always. are excellently choreographed.  I even enjoyed the human subplot this time, but it is still second running to the monster battles.

One thing is for sure, this so far in my blog is one of the best Godzilla movies I've watched yet.  Aside from maybe the first Godzilla, this is required viewing for anybody wanting to see how the franchise started.  So what I will take from this movie is how it introduced to me a new character in Rodan.  And who says movies can't teach us anything?  Until next time.

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Saturday, June 7, 2014

DOCTOR WHO: Season #2 The Chase

I can now see where the Dalek race gets their intense hatred for the Doctor.  Here we see that after the events of the Dalek Invasion of the Earth, that the Daleks have decided to build their own time machine.  Their mission this time not one of conquest, but of revenge. They have vowed to hunt the Doctor down across time itself.

We have a storyline lasting five episodes that concern with a battalion of time traveling Daleks chasing the Doctor across time and space.  You really start feeling how menacing and cruel the Daleks are after watching this episode.  We can see how the Dalek character has really evolved from the earlier episodes into the Daleks we know today.  

This episode also serves as the farewell to Ian and Barbara as the Doctor's very first companions.  It's kind of a short sendoff for them and thought they deserved a lot better.  But still you can see the sadness in the Doctor as we see the pattern of him losing the people closest to him.  So for what it's worth, I too will miss them.  Ian's incredible heroism and bravery impressed me through out the series.  One the other end I will miss Barbara's fierce determination and her kindness. 

Oh, and before I forget the comedic part of the episode.  Watch as they have a Doctor Who double running around who is suppose to be  a robot doppleganger. This has to be the worst double in science fiction history.  I mean he looks nothing like the Doctor.  He's like way too tall.  What happened they ran out of money and all they could afford was tall people?  I don't get it.  How this get past the guys making this show?  Sorry, rambling............

I really hope you guys get a chance to watch these earlier episodes of the Doctor.  It really does have some of the same core values as the newer 2000's version.  That look in his eyes when somebody leaves him is the same look I see on several of the other Doctor persona's.  And so the Doctor and Vicki go on from here alone.....or are they?  Until next time.

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VOLTRON: Episode #8 The Stolen Lion

Now I have given Voltron some pretty rough treatment when it comes to the plot lines. Looking at this series with an adult set of eyes really gives it a different perspective. However in this episode, my hopes were raised, of some more interesting stories coming my way. 

As the episode begins, we see our brave, Princess Alura, doing piloting exercises with the boys. But she is still far and away from mastering the Blue Lion. She, once again, loses control of the robot and plummets to the ground. But then a strange ship arrives to rescue her. We are then introduced to the dashing Prince Boca, who offers to help the Princess in her fight against Zarcon. Oh, come on, you know in the first five minutes, this guy is evil. Blue in this show represents evil. Zarcon is blue, Haggar's evil cat, and this guys hair. I see the pattern forming now. I'll definitely be on the look out for this in later episodes. I will construct a thesis on why blue is devil's color. Oh, crap, I'm rambling again.

Lance right off the bat, doesn't like this guy and proceeds to try and kick his ass. It was at that moment that Lance became one of my favorite characters along side Keith and Pidge. Lance represents the hot-headed Tom Cruise Maverick types in these shows. I guess there is some character in actual characters after all. I just remembered when I watched this when I was a kid, Keith's presence. I think that had a lot to do with his voice actor. And so the Princess invites Prince Boca, to stay at the Royal Palace. We see she is totally smitten by the handsome prince. Now I see the secret to getting hot women, blue hair!!! And just like in real life women love the bad boys. Let's just say the sleepover doesn't go very well that night. But I'll leave you to watch the episode if you haven't seen it before.

So, we see a much better, if still predictable plot laid before us here. And, what it does for us is making the Voltron fighting scene in the end much more important. We really want to see this monster get what's coming to him. I was very surprised and hope the later episodes keep getting better. Until next time. 

Sunday, June 1, 2014

CLASSIC DOCTOR WHO: Season #2 The Space Museum

Time travel is kind of a hard thing to explain.  The first Doctor calls it traveling in the Fourth Dimension.  The mechanics about why this works is very vague at best.  I'll even go as far as saying, even the Doctor, doesn't really know what's going on.  It's like he must not have paid attention to how time travel works in school.  But I now see a point I never thought of before.  The Doctor has gained all his knowledge just by exploring the cosmos.  I can relate to that very well.  I never went to college and everything I have learned has been by hands on training.  I'm willing to learn and grow as a person.  And I think that's what were seeing as we watch the Doctor bumbling around in his Ship.

And so our heroes land on a planet that seems to be a museum of old space artifacts.  But something has gone wrong once more with the TARDIS.  It is explained in the episode they are on a different track (like 8 track?) in time, so they are in fact looking ahead in time.  This little glitch shows the Doctor a grisly fate that awaits the four of them.  So when they finally shift back over to the present, they must figure out a way to change their history.

Seems like an awesome setup at first, but then turns into a typical episode.  The people who run the museum are called Moroks and they have basically taken over the planet just to make it a tourist attraction.  And the original inhabitants are trying to win back their world as the young people have been made slaves.  Your basic underground rebel unit trying to usurp the evil Empire (cue Empire music!!)  So surprise, surprise, it's up to our heroes to save the day and there own bacon.

Space Museum.jpgI was hoping for a more original episode that was going to deal with the concepts of time travel.  I was curious how people perceived how it works back in the 60's.  But sadly the whole setup of "We need to change history so we don't die.) kind of just solves itself. 

We get to see Vicki finally doing something, as she helps the rebellion break into an armory.  We see she is very intelligent, as she is a teenager from a futuristic Earth.  Ian kicks ass, and Barbara just almost keeps getting captured.  And the Doctor hides in the armor of a Dalek.  Funny stuff.

Overall I give this episode a fair grade.  But as I'm always telling you guys, don't take my word for it.  Go watch the older series and tell me what you think in the comments.  Until next time.

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Saturday, May 31, 2014

CLASSIC DOCTOR WHO: Season #2 The Crusade

We now return to a history lesson, about Richard The Lionheart and the Crusades.  That's whats kind of cool about this old series.  I've so far learned about Marco Polo, Aztec culture, and even the French Revolution.  Sadly, I have forgotten a lot about my world history so it's kind of cool a television show can give you a memory jog.

The TARDIS lands in Paelestine during the third Crusade.  Barbara, who has been getting the worst about getting captured lately, is once again kidnapped.  As The Doctor, Ian, and Vicki scramble to find out were she's at they come across a solider belonging to the army of King Richard of England.  They are promptly taken to the King where they plead with him for help in finding their friend. And so the search for Barbara begins.

It is important to note two episodes of this serial is missing, but they have been reconstructed.  It is constructed just like the Marco Polo series from Season #1, using still images with subtitles describing the action, along with original soundtrack. 

I really like the supporting actors in this one as they do a very good job.  Of note is guest stars Julian Glover (King Richard), and Bernard Kay(Saladin).  They play their characters with passion and emotion.  Giving a lot of credibility to the storyline about two powerful leaders on different sides of a religious war.  Barbara is given a lot of screen time and once again gives a very good performance.  Ian is knighted in the course of events, but isn't really given much to do with it.  The Doctor and Vicki as well really don't have much to do.  It's basically like the major characters had really minor parts.

But I still enjoyed the story for showing me a little bit about the Crusades and what they were about.  That's the miracle of Doctor Who my friends.  It takes you on a journey to another place, just like your there along side the Doctor and his companions.  Something this show stills does for me today.  Until next time.

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When you talk about the rubber monsters of Japan, Mothra was the only one besides Godzilla I have ever heard of.  I remember seeing the original Mothra movie on TV years ago.  Of course,  the only things I remember about that movie was Mothra coming out of his cocoon and the two teeny tiny girls singing.  So when I seen that the next Godzilla movie on my list was Mothra vs Godzilla, I was really hoping for a really bang up battle royal.  Well you get that but not until almost the end of the movie.

The story starts out with some fisherman discovering a giant egg just floating into the ocean.  It seems that a recent hurricane knocked the egg out of the nest of the monster called Mothra.  A giant moth that like Godzilla, was born from all of the nuclear testing of the Japanese.  It doesn't take long before a businessman with way to much money and time on his hands, decide to turn the egg into giant tourist attraction.  Also during some construction work out on the coast, once again they accidentally release a very cranky Godzilla onto Japan once again.  And so once again Godzilla starts his rampage. 

Well, the biggest problem with this movie, is that it starts out so slow.  The beginning is mostly talking about the giant egg.  We are introduced to a reporter, a photographer, and a scientist.  These three end up basically recruiting Mothra to come kick Godzilla's ass.  As with most of the Godzilla movies I have seen so far, the best parts are at he end, when the monsters actually start fighting each other.  Maybe the biggest reason I didn't like the beginning is because of the bad english dub as well.  But even then that beginning was so just so blah.  But if you can hang in there until the end you shall be rewarded with some alright action.  Until next time.

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VOLTRON: Episode #7 The Lion Has New Claws

As I've stated before in earlier episodes, the dialog in Voltron was really written for kids in mind.  However, if you look deep and try to find it there is a story being told here. And a very good one.  This was actually a big leap forward compared to the silly Saturday morning cartoon story.  That's one reason why I love anime in general.  The very deep and involving story lines they present.  And I will always give credit to this series for getting me started in that genre.

It's a dark, foggy night at Castle Aries as the alarms sound through the night.  As Keith, Lance, and Pidge arrive at the castle control room, they discover that someone has taken the Blue Lion of  Voltron out of his lair.  The thief is none other than the Princess, who feels like she has to take Sven's place now that he's out of action.  Well her little test run doesn't go exactly as planned and the Lion is out of control.  So now the Voltron force has to stop the runaway Lion. 

Once more on Planet Doom, the evil King Zarkon and his witch Haggar send forth another monster to capitalize on  the fact there is only four pilots left.  You got give the bad guys credit, they are always moving ahead, no matter how many times they get defeated. 

My favorite part of this episode is the inclusion of Nanny, the well.....nanny for the princess when she was younger.  She's gruff, overprotective, and completely hilarious.  She literally pulls a spear out on the Space Explorers when she learn the Princess is trapped in the Lion.  She even puts the Princess over her knee and spanks her.  Once again characters and stories in this anime is what you make of it my friends.  But don't take my word for it.  Watch and let me know what you think.  Until next time.

VOLTRON: Episode #6 The Right Arm of Voltron

You know, its sad that back in the day, censorship really impacted how stories were told.  Could you imagine the impact Voltron would have had if certain things had been left in.  Take for instance Sven.  In this episode we find him in a life or death battle with the evil witch Haggar.  This brings about the character leaving the show but the emotional impact doesn't seem to be there in the American version.  It is just told that he's recovering off world in a hospital for (almost) the rest of the series, but in the Japanese version he is killed.  I know, this was suppose to be a show for kids but it would be awesome if we could get a director's cut of some of these episodes.  It's not the violence I'm after, it's just I like a little more adult themes in my animation I think.  But, hell when you was watching this as a kid, I guess all you wanted to see was Voltron kicking some RoBeast ass, so maybe that rant was totally pointless.

And so the episode begins with the newly risen Castle Aries, being attacked by Doom's robot forces once again. But now the Princess has some help as some of her people has come out of hiding. Seeing Voltron return has kindled a small sense of hope in the people.  Meanwhile, the witch Haggar sets in motion an evil plan to take out one of the Space Explorers to stop them from forming Voltron's robot form.  While hope has been restored, the war between Aries and Planet Doom is far from over.

And so we are left with a cliffhanger that blows a little kid from the 80's mind.  How will they ever use Voltron now?  Here's a hint, watch the ending credits.  Yes, I'm being a smart ass.  I liked this episode because it's like the early days of a plot twist in a kid's show.  There is a story in this show that adults can enjoy, you just have to look for it.  Watch the episode and tell me what YOU think about it.

Until next time.

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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

CLASSIC DOCTOR WHO:Season 2--The Web Planet

 Really giant bugs, GROOVY!

Well, folks it's been a little while since I did a Doctor Who article. So I'm continuing where I left off, with the Season 2 serial The Web Planet.  Just after finally taking off from ancient Rome, the TARDIS is trapped in a invisible force that pulls them down onto a planet known as Vortis.  And once again our team of adventurers split up, as The Doctor and Ian go out to investigate how they have been trapped here.  This leaves the girls all by themselves, seemingly safe in the TARDIS.  But the powerful force that has stranded the TARDIS has other planes for all of them.  Gee, let me count the ways, Barbara is hypnotized by the force through her gold bracelet and led out of the TARDIS, then it using some invisible force starts dragging the TARDIS to its lair,  leaving the Doctor and Ian to try and track it down.  I just love how these guys just can't stick together!  Very soon however help comes in the form of  Menoptra, the moth like creatures who seek to reclaim their lost planet from the evil force know as the Animus. 

I don't know, I just love the costumes in this episode.  You've got to love those bug guns crawling around.  You can almost see the poor actor underneath the suit crawling. Also, the ant creatures called Zarbi are really hilarious. An ant with human legs, really!? 

But aside from that, we get to see the Doctor do what he does best and that's to outsmart his enemy.  The parts where the Doctor is talking to the Animus are some of my favorite scenes. Anytime there is a battle with words, The Doctor just seems to come out on top.  I also enjoyed the climax which was very exciting.  However, maybe it was because of the costumes, I was kind of bored with the rest of the episode.  I mean sometimes it just seems like the same setup every episode.  Something goes wrong with the TARDIS, they get spit up, and then at the end somehow all get back together. 

I still recommend this for some classic retro viewing, if you're curious about the history of Doctor Who, like I am.  If you've seen this the episode tell me what you think in the comments!  Until next time.................

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Doctor Ryan Plays: ULTIMA I: The First Age of Darkness (1981)

This game may have some of the most basic graphics you will ever see. But by damned, this still is a wonderful adventure. The only Ultima I had ever played was Ultima Exodus on the NES. It was just one of those series I just never got into. To many games, not enough time. Anyway, I recently got these from and am looking forward to trying to get through the series.

 It starts out like this. Far away in space there exists a world known as Sosaria. Here is a world that is filled with magic, swords, dragons, and spaceships????? Anyway, the world is under siege by an evil wizard, known as Mondain. He has a powerful crystal called the Gem of Immortality that gives him unlimited power. He raises an army of monsters to terrorize the land and surprise, surprise, take over the world!!! This was an original story back in early 80's. So all the kings in the world shut themselves up inside their castles and the good people were pretty much left to fend for themselves. But there was one, the ruler Lord British, who would not just stand by and let his kingdom be destroyed. He called out for a champion to go forth and free the realms from Mondain's evil grasp. Soon afterward, a hero did indeed come forward to answer the challenge. Guess who?? 
So your mission is to complete quests for kingdoms, all around the world, while searching for a way to destroy the wizard. This actually works really well as you have to explore to find clues as to how you can defeat Mondain. And there are a couple of neat twists thrown in that made this different back in the day. The first being that these people even though they are living in a fantasy world, also have access to very high level technology. And this plays a big part in advancing your progress in the game.
The graphics are basically colored pixel stick figures running around a multicolored wonderland of more pixels. The version I played was the updated EGA graphics version from and I actually liked it. It was more advanced than an Atari 2600 game and you can tell what everything is. The dungeons are just wire frame graphics with a black background, but even those seem very well done. I really liked the wire frame monster designs. Screenshots don't really do this game justice. 

Sound is basically just beeps and boops letting you know you hit something. No music, which is kind of a downer, but you can listen to your own. I myself was listening to the Myst soundtrack. 

The controls are actually pretty complex as it seems like every key on the keyboard does something. So you will need a list of what keys does what written down somewhere in the beginning until you get use to it. 

Battles are very simple, but somehow very fun. Especially when you build up your stats and start mowing monsters down like a tank. Hell, even vehicles have weapons for you to decimate the local monster population. And also you will be going into space at one point, but I'm not going to be the one to ruin that for you if you have never played the game. 

Also, some of the events in the game are not explained to you. Like there are places you visit to boost your attributes and even can upgrade your weapons. But you can't visit the same place more than once. So if you didn't know this you might just visit one hotspot and never go back to it because you think your done with it. But the secret is, you visit one landmark on the map, then go to a different landmark. That resets the first landmark so you can get the attributes boost. This isn't really explained very well in the instructions either, so I recommend a walk-through to help when you get stuck. 

I recommend this game, because it is a piece of gaming history that set the standard for rpg's to come. I had a lot of fun with it and I think you will too. Until next time stay groovy!! 

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